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Why Meditation?

The word meditation is sometimes used to mean contemplate; meditating on a question or problem; meditating to connect or achieve a higher state of mind. Do not focus with these or other thoughts while meditating. Rather, there is a commitment of unconditional no minded-ness without any object of idea.

Meditation brings back our mind to ourselves. It allows the experiencing, the tasting and going beyond all habitual patterns that tends to cloud our minds. Our lives are constantly lived in an intense and anxious struggle; in a swirl of speed and aggression – competing, grasping, possessing and achieving. We are forever burdening ourselves with extraneous activities and preoccupation. Meditation brings a complete break away from our daily stress. A state of mind free of all cares and concerns. No competition. No desire, nor to possess no grasping, no hunger to achieve. Develop an ambition less state of mind. Neither in acceptance, rejection, neither hope nor fear. Just slowly release all emotions and those concepts that have imprisoned you. Move into simplicity. Do not assume a mere meditation posture the bliss of something that is going to happen. Practice mindfulness. Allow the mind to be open, receptive, be present, relaxing and not trying, demanding, nor controlling. Just be.

Meditation is another traditional way to manipulate Ch’i. Taoists and Buddhists have developed many kinds of meditation techniques that lead to different levels of awareness. When your mind is calmed and your body is relaxed, you will feel your Ch’i traveling down from your hands to your knees an then to the bottom of your feet. This sensation is a surge of warmth that seems to travel with your breathing. It goes down to your feet during exhalation or inhalation. Initially, it may not reach the bottom of your feet; but with practice, it will. This is one way you discharge various strains and stress in your body through the acupuncture point at the ball your feet.

At the completion of meditation, you feel that your body and mind have been refreshed. You look a younger with pink cheeks. This fresh and light feeling can be achieved only after a few week of practice. Other known benefits: increased awareness and consciousness and over-all feeling of well-being, restfulness and calmness.

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